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Born and raised in Iran, Assieh started her Flamenco dance training in LA and later in Madrid, Spain at Amor de Dios Flamenco Dance Academy with master teachers like La Tati, Ciro, Carmela Greco, La Truco, Manolete and in Sevilla at Manolo Marin Dance Academy. She has also studied under private training of Angelita Vargas and Pepa Monte. Assieh is a gifted dancer and a teacher who's patience and knowledge are inspirational to any student.

Assieh "la Mora"


Shweta S Kathak dance.jpg


Shweta Saraswat


Shweta Saraswat has a PH.D from UCLA  in World Culture and Performance. 

A disciple of

Guru Rachana Upadhyay Kathak Kala Academy.

Kathak is a classical dance from North India with footwork, spins, and graceful movements, it combines rhythm and storytelling seamlessly.

Classes available for Beginner & intermediate dancers. Children, teens and adults are a ll welcome!

Ruxanda Calistru


Olivia Regaldo


Olivia Regalado has been a Dancer/Performance artist and choreographer for over 35 years.

She has taught and performed in Mexico,

the Caribbean and the United States.

Olivia was Artist in Residence with the Department of Cultural Affairs in Los Angeles NEA grant.  

She taught movement/dance and sounding for the

Wellness Community for women with cancer.

Olivia has conducted Sacred Dance workshops in North, Central America and the Caribbean.

She also has taught and trained Global and Modern Dance to middle School Children.

Olivia is actively involved in teaching “The Divine Feminine and Female tribal dance”. She facilitates the art of Dance, fusing ancient and modern forms of movement to Global music, as the medium to connect with self and nature.  She utilizing universal dance with original movements and sounding to enhance the connection between music, dance, and

the oneness that we are.

Anaité Arnold




Anaité started dancing when she was three years old, her performance experience includes such diverse forms as Classical Ballet, Modern, Classical Spanish, Mexican Folklorico, Flamenco,  Western & Eastern European Folk and Character dances.  

Anaité holds a BA from CSULA, Post-Graduate degree from the Laban Center in London,

teacher certification courses and entered students for examinations from the Royal Academy of Dance

and is a certified Pilates instructor.  

She is an American Ballet Theater National

Curriculum Certified Teacher. 


It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

Albert Einstein

Gypsy Camp Teachers

Ruxanda has dedicated her life to arts and dance, she has years of experience in teaching and bringing out the best out of her students-young and mature alike!

So if you are ready to take the challenge and feel stronger, faster, more flexible, coordinated and balanced-come join the fun and become the dancer you always dreamed o becoming one day....

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