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Sunset and Palm Trees

Take your summer Luau or themed party up

to the next level, GypsyHula will transport you to the entrancing music and dances of the rich cultures of the Polynesian people.


The hollow call of the  pu  invites you to a special Polynesian Luau experience. The Hawai'ian hula, with its musical implements and its intricate movements telling its story, ancient or modern. Here too, you can find the lure of the exotic isles of Tahiti with their grass skirts, energetic hip-swaying dances, and hypnotic drum rhythms.The Maori people of New Zealand also beckon with the fierce challenge dance or haka of the men, the graceful lines of the poi ball dance, and the stories of the action dances where each movement has a meaning. Gypsy has been providing Luau and other dance entertainment for more than 25 years in Southern California from Los Angeles to Orange County and San Diego. 

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To hire Polynesian dancers for your next Luau party or any event.

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